Story Telling Thru the Tarot



Are there any other tarot readers who want to either roleplay or write a story with me by way of the cards? I have so much on my plate right now that I need something to distract me in a good way and I can only have so many baths in a day.

I like the way you said that (tho I take personal offense at your mixing the Tarot, Writing, and the Art of Bathing lol)!!! Ive quite a few Story Telling Spreads, on paper, on my cell, and online. I’ll pick the First Tarot card now: 15/The Devil (Reversed, RWS deck). Less than 30 mins ago I returned a call to my childhood friend, Pete. I’ve recently moved back to my home town and live w another childhood friend, Molly. All three of us have a lot in common. For 1) We’re all in Recovery: I started First, 1989, and have the most relapses and the least amount of sobriety, 13 months; 2) Molly has the longest Soberiety time, 25 years; Pete has 11 years of Soeriety.

They are, respectfully, into Magick in various successful degrees.

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