Heya, old friend~ I was about to start a new project but was looking for some guidance on a rather.. difficult POV. I’m trying to hide the gender of the main character, so when they turn out to be a girl, the readers are shocked. Any suggestions on hiding something this big?


Hi there!
There’s always the option of using they/them instead of her/she/him/his/etc.
But then you want to throw off your readers.
My idea would be to have this character do something opposite their gender. Example: let’s say you have a male character but you want to hide that. Have the character do more ‘feminine’ things (sadly, people assume people are one gender or the other for something they do, like wearing makeup, painting nails, etc for women and physical activities, muscles, trucks, hunting, etc for men. so I think this is a realistic way to deal with it). This will have your reader assume a gender.
To be honest, this might be hard and maybe confusing to your readers. But if you do it right, it’ll be amazing!
This is a tough thing to pull off and it might take some brainstorming.
That’s all of my ideas, but if anyone has any other tips feel free to reblog and save a life 🙂

If you have any more questions, concerns, or just want to talk feel free to drop by my ask box!

How about using Stacy, Shannon, Carroll, Sue for the men’s names, and Kevin, Michael, for the women’s e.g., as they do in Ireland?

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