Back After 30 Years . . .

Late, watching at a bus stop, 15 minutes to get to the appointment I was late forat week and had to reschedule. My girlfriend, Molly, and I were in Detroit last night and bought two bicycles I’d found on Craigslist that day. It was a great day, beautiful weather, ended up at Greektown Casino, and lost $90 bucks between us. Not too bad. Fucking Rolling Stones’ slot machine. Luckily, I paid for a big dinner first at Pegasus. We didn’t get home till after midnight.

Now, it’s overcast, I running late, and Molly’s at work. She was running late this morning, too, thanks to me. Well? Her fault as well lol…I really need to stop awakening her for morning sex; hell, all I do is sit on the end of the bed though and she’s on me! It’s not as if I didn’t stay downstairs all night on the typer fucking about…

…and, now? Now I feel weird, like walking back home and rescheduling yet again. Fuck, I hate feeling weird. I try and give myself and break and Molly’s a very gentle soul and she’s beautiful to me, and 30 years is a long, long time to be away from one’s home town.

I’ve been traveling a wee-bit, you might say. O! Here’s the bus.

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