Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn – Polygons and Polygrams.

Hexagon – power of the Hexad operating in nature by the dispersal of the rays of the Planets and the Zodiac emanating from the central Sun.

Hexagram – presidency of the Sun and Moon over the 4 Elements united in and proceeding from the Spirit.
Heptagram – 

the Triad operating in each Planet; and the Planets themselves in the week and in the year; the weekly order of the Planets is formed from their natural order by following the lines of Heptagram.
Heptagram (Star of Venus) – Entrance of the Seven Planets; symbol of the Isis of nature, and of the 7 lower Sephiroth of the Bride.
Octogram – Triad operating in each Element in its dual form, i.e., of Positive and Negative, under the powers of the name of Tetragrammaton Adonai: or as it is written bound together, Yod Aleph Heh Daleth Vau Nun Heh Yod. 
Octogram (Star of Mercury) – the binding together of the concentrated Positive and Negative forces of the Elements under the name of YHVHADNI. 
Enneagram – 

Triple Ternary operating both in the Seven Planets with the Head and Tail of the Dragon of the Moon, and with their Aichemical principles countercharged and interwoven.

Enneagram (Triple Ternary) – Triple Ternary of the Three Aichemical principles themselves. 
Enneagram (Star of Luna) – administrator to the Earth of the virtues of the Solar System under the Sephiroth.
Dekagram –  combination of the 3 Aichemical principles with the Spirit and the 4 Elements in their Positive and Negative form, under the presidency of the 10 Sephiroth themselves.
Dekagram (The Ten Sephiroth) – 

concentrated and continuous operations of the Ten Sephiroth in nature.

Dekagram (Duplicated Letter Heh) – operation of the duplicated HEH of the Tetragrammaton and the concentration of the Positive and Negative forces of the Spirit and the four Elements under the presidency of the Potencies of the Five in Binah, the Revolutions of the forces under AlMA, the Great Mother.
Endekagram – concentrated action of evil in the Averse Triad, symbolized by the Eleven Dukes of Edom, the horns of the Red Dragon when he ariseth; refernece to one of the Altar Diagrams, the Garden of Eden after the Fall.
Endekagram (Restriction of Evil) – restriction of the Qliphoth.
Endekagram (The Qliphoth) – concentrated force of the averse and evil Sephiroth.
Endekagram (Qlipphothic Princes) – 12 Princes of the Qliphoth who are the heads of the Evil operating in the months of the year.
Dodekagram (Signs of the Zodiac) – dispersal and concentration of the Zodiac in masculine and feminine signs. The masculine being Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius; and the feminine Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces.

Dodekagram ( The Three Quadruplicities) – three Quaternions of Angular, Succedent, Cadent and Movable, Fixed and Common.
Dodekagram (The Four Triplicities) – concentrated force of the four Triplicities of the Zodiac operating through nature.
Dodekagram – the 24 Thrones of the schema established over the Positive and Negative potencies of the Elements in the Zodiac; and over the 24 hours in the day.

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